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Sheikh Bentounes is the founder and president of the ADLANIA Foundation. The ADLANIA Foundation is concerned with the preservation and the transmission of the culture of spiritual Islam, Sufism.

The ADLANIA Foundation invites rediscovering the beauty of the spiritual heritage of Islam. It is a bridge between East and West in order to build a Culture of Peace.

It’s mission is to illuminate the present in the light of an ancient wisdom and offers a new look and an enlightened approach to a universal Message, living for more than 14 centuries which it makes accessible as much to the public, as to researchers, museums and other cultural institutions.

“Promoting an awakening of education that teaches that all human beings, despite their differences, constitute one unique truth. This awareness allows us to spread peace, generosity, create links and ensure fortifying the Humanity within us. Then, respect for all life becomes a sacred principle.”
– Sheikh Khaled Bentounes

Le Cheikh Bentounes contribue à l’émergence d’un monde altruiste, semant l’espérance autour de lui, convaincu que l’énergie du monde est la fraternité authentique.

L’école de pensée dans laquelle il s’inscrit, le soufisme, cœur de l’islam, est vivante depuis plus de 14 siècles. Une nouvelle lecture est toujours possible pour nourrir, pacifier, unir et permettre à l’humanité d’accéder à une nouvelle conscience.

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